Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When you serve the customer better, there's always a return on your investment.

In Today's life style,people are aware & more knowledgeable(everything @ there fingertips,search of ideas thru internet) comparing two decade ago.
if a photographer is not updated he is been lost in the creative field,
i have met so many people who have jumped from this creative field into a mere paid salary job not able to update.

Two Decade ago there was a VIDEO DEVICE called DECK,VCR(VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER),VCP(VIDEO CASSETTE PLAYER),which weighs 5-8kgs
on one side of the shoulder and a camera on the otherside of the shoulder(weighs around 5kg),
and a lightman to hold a 2000 watts video light and he should travel with the cameraman
wherever he moves like a hutuch dog to capture the event and it will be recorded in the deck using a VHS cassette compiling a duration of 3hours,
whatever happens everything will be captured and if you want to edit to 1-1.30hrs,it is a different process,

In those times people are known to photography as studio owners who has 10x10 room with two umberalla lights with blue background cloth with some scenaries and those who take a good passport photo is renowned photographer in 80s.

At that time video was a big thing often people like to have only photography not video
but today we are in need of videos to have motion pictures with emotions,video conference & also for live web telecasting,Now-a-days cameras used in tele-serials&news channels are used in wedding events

There was a time where many people had part-time & fulltime lending the video decks to see the VHS CASSETTE FOR MOVIES& EVENTS to view,
Gradually then the camera & deck has been clubbed into a single device camera consisting of cameraman & lightboy at that time many of Government&railway employees
were working as a part-timer,and from the part-timers you cannot expect more workmanship & creativity b'coz already he has been little bit tired in work or
he would be fired by his boss or wife @ home that doesnt give him a pleasant atmosphere to shoot inturn he would be shouting the persons in the wedding events.

In some areas of Tamilnadu,we have seen few videographers&photographers dominate the function by ordering the client to sit,stand,pose here,and if they
disobey the whole video&photography will not be in a professional way,but today the people know more than the photographers model of the camera,brand,resolution
clarity,zoom so we as a photographers should read articles of photography,update latest equipments,particapate in photo contest and prove our talent
and should expose to the client what we have acheived.

We @ SHOOT&VIEW had a client working in a leading software company as a software developer in United states had come acrossed our website,
we had a healthy conversation for more than a month,clearing all the doubts,what type of camera & model used with latest technology&equipments

we presented a beautiful creative photo album and video in a world class manner.and the client was satisfied by our professional touch&service.Now more than a client we have become friends and now they are our family members
 At this stage i take this opportunity to thank all our FRIENDS,WELL WISHERS&FAMILY who has brought SHOOT&VIEW to this level

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