Friday, June 19, 2009

Tradition to be followed...!

Recently I captured a south indian brahmin wedding. It was an excellent arrangement from the day1 to day3,the way they organised the function it was remarkable. From day1 viradham,betrothal, janavasam, reception and nextday with kasiyatra,oonjal,mangalyam dharanam,evening nalangu whenever I move to the shoot,I never miss the nalangu even if it extends till evening b'coz of all the event nalangu creates the whole family an entertainment gala with songs,dance. the way they comb the hair,breaking of appalam,rolling of coconut, bunch of garland that makes much more understandable with bride-bridegroom and inturn with family friends & relatives this everlasting memories remains evergreen not only for the client even for us.In recent days many people conduct only reception & wedding b'coz of various reasons,inspite of that we should follow our traditonal too.........

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  1. Anna its really interestin to kon about the traditions of Brahmins marriage