Friday, August 28, 2009


In the competitive world every product or service, someone will be offering it for a lesser price just to get the contract .If you feel that you saved your money in hundreds or thousands
and inturn you should compensate the money in quality & service.

you have losed your precious valuable evergreen memories by the poor quality & poor service after spending it for lesser amount but it is too late, whatever may be if you feel that you have lost your money you can earn it, what about the events the wedding, reception etc...
can you re-play it…………

So choose a professional video & photographer who can fulfill your expectation, look into our previous work, refer our previous clients about our quality service and don’t hesitate to experience a world-class quality & experience, inspite of paying to a part timer, friend, relative or some one with a newly bought camera with lesser amount in hundreds or thousands……….

Now Let me look into few products and services required for a wedding & Reception:Mandapam or Hall, invitation-cards, catering, beautician, decorators, orchestra transport, Once the wedding or reception is over, mandapam or hall is vacated, food & beverages are eaten, make-ups are washed, decorations are removed, flowers& garlands are thrown away, Dresses and accessories go to Wardrobe, orchestra you don’t have time to hear it also.. everything over and its time to say “Goodbye”.

Can you just rewind everything what has happened in the event, everything can be recollected only by us,PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER & VIDEOGRAPHER given in a nutshell in the form of DVD AND CREATIVE ALBUM with an outstanding creativity, not by a part timer or amateur photographer

SHOOT&VIEW Team come to the venue before the client come and we will move when the client leaves the venue. the creative photo Album and the Video will make you to see several times and reviewed by the couple, their friends, relatives and by those who have not attended the wedding event as well. and our pictures will speak & touch your heart for several years.

But we as professional photographers, love our job, make a living by that and keep on updating our knowledge and equipments.
Our investments are high.. We do all these to maintain quality service and reputation.


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